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Analysis and Forecast of Lithium Battery Market Development in 2017-2018
Nov 18, 2017

Our statistics on the size of China's lithium market have also made some fine-tuning on the basis of the sales statistics of the downstream products and are now adjusted to the statistics of the production locations of downstream products. For example, some of the "Made in China" electric bicycle products sold in overseas markets are now considered as part of the lithium battery market in China if lithium-ion batteries made by Chinese companies are used. For ease of comparison, we've also fine-tuned the market-size data of previous years to the adjusted caliber.

1, the development of the market

Under such circumstances, the market size of China's lithium battery reached 67.5GWh in 2016, up 29.8% over the same period of last year; while the average annual growth rate of 60.6% since 2011, the global share of the market share in 2016 exceeded 50% for the first time. Chart 7 is the 2011-2016 China lithium market size statistics, from which we can see that China's lithium market has entered the power battery-driven era ahead of schedule.

Compared with the global market, the biggest difference is that the Chinese market from 2015 onwards, the transport market demand for lithium-ion batteries jumped to the maximum, rather than the consumer market. In 2015, the market demand for lithium-ion batteries in the transportation market represented by electric vehicles in China reached 20.5GWh, surpassing the consumer market represented by smartphones and mobile power supplies for the first time. Among them, the market for electric vehicles was 16.0GWh Of the demand for the first time to grow into the largest market segment; this advantage was further consolidated in 2016, with a market demand of 34.2GWh in the transportation market, accounting for more than 50% of the total. Among them, the market demand for electric vehicles exceeded the entire consumer market by 27.7GWh .

From the demand for lithium in various market segments, the largest segment has undergone several changes since 2011. The demand for lithium battery in China's mobile phone market in 2011 was 1.7GWh, making it the largest market segment accounting for 27.3% of the total lithium demand in China. In 2012, the market for power tools exceeded the demand of 2.6GWh for mobile phone market by 1.8GWh, becoming the largest market segment. Although the majority of power tools and cell phones are made in China, at that time, cell phone batteries mainly used products from several overseas manufacturers. Only a handful of manufacturers in China, such as ATL, are internationally competitive while the power tool market is better than this. In 2013, the power tool market continued to top the demand of 3.4GWh, and the mobile phone market continued to rank second.

In 2014, while the power tool market continued to top the list with the demand of 5.0GWh, the second became 4.4GWh in the market of mobile power supply (charging treasure), the mobile phone market took the fourth place with 3.6GWh, the third was electric In the automotive market, the market is at 4.2GWh per year, ranking fourth in comparison with the previous year (seventh in 2013). In 2015, the market for electric vehicles surpassed the first place. The second place was the mobile power market, with 8.5GWh. The power tool market was the third place with 6.1GWh. The mobile phone market remained the fourth place. The top four market segments in 2016 remain unchanged, but the top two lithium-ion electric vehicles and mobile power market demand continues to grow rapidly, and widen the distance with other markets.

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