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Anderson Connector and Installation
Oct 27, 2017

Anderson connector is a car plug, specifically used in vehicles,which include electric cars, sightseeing cars, forklifts, golf carts, electric bike,electric motorcycle etc., and even include vacuum suction, lawn mowers, electric wheelchairs and other mechanical equipment.


What are the types of the Anderson plug, and what are the features of it, and how do we install it, pin it, and tie it when we use it?


Anderson Connector Type:

A. Single pole connector: Specifications have 45A. 75A. 120A. 180A, high current capacity, small size, can be assembled freely, AC and DC dual-use;

B. Multipole Connectors: Specifications are: 50A. 120A. 175A. 350A, positive and negative design, two holes to plug, silver-plated terminal design, supporting handle;

C. Three pole connectors: Specifications have 50A, 175A 600V, suitable for three-intersection/DC product connectivity;

D. Contact Bipolar Connector: Bipolar Main contact + bipolar auxiliary contact; specifications such as: 175a+45a suitable for battery power, and monitoring battery temperature rise.

Main Features:

1. The shell is made of polycarbonate material, resistant to high temperature and corrosion resistance.

2. The use of eye-catching color coding, and different color, connector interface, to prevent false insertion;

3. Metal terminals for Red copper silver, excellent conductivity; metal shrapnel with positioning groove, can prevent the terminal moving around, to do what good contact;

4. The connector does not divide the male and female design, is good to reduces the stock;

5. Accessories: Handle + dust cover;


When Insert the Pin into the hole, must check the inside and make sure its clean.



1, When use of a variety of circuit detection equipment, first of all should understand its working principle and use conditions, strictly prohibit unreasonable use.

2, the measurement of voltage, current, should choose the appropriate measurement range, so as not to damage the instrument.

3. It is strictly prohibited to measure voltage in current and resistor position.

4, before measuring, please confirm that connector used in the detection equipment is ok.

Properly strapping harness with wire:

1, should be as far away from the moving parts, to prevent pull off and wear;

2. Avoid hard bending and hard bend of wire harness.

3. Avoid rubbing with sharp metal edges;

4, as far as possible away from oil, water;

5, as far as possible away from the high current connector temperature (such as engine body).

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