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How to maintain the lithium-ion ebike battery?
Oct 23, 2017

1.Lithium-ion bicycle used for the first time, the battery must be deeply charged, the charger shows the green light can stop charging, the time is generally controlled in 8-10 hours;

2.Each ride to the battery pack can not be discharged after the charge, but to avoid the depth of discharge (more than 90% of the capacity) recharge, this will cause damage the lithium battery;

3.When the lithium-ion bicycle in the static state developed pressure indicator light should be recharged in time;

4.In the start-up, climbing or in the face of the wind, should use foot to help;

5.Because the lithium battery has no memory characteristics, each or every day after the ride should be timely to the battery pack regular charging;

6.If the lithium-ion bicycle is placed for more than two months, the battery pack needs to be thoroughly recharged;

7.Grasp the correct charging method. First connect the charger and battery, then the Charger power plug connected to the 220V AC power, according to this connection order can avoid plug-and-pull plug when the spark is generated. When the power supply is turned on, the charger displays the red indicator;

8.To use a dedicated lithium battery charger (avoid direct use of lead-acid battery charger), and the lithium batteries model to fully match. Charger current over the assembly of lithium battery protection system breakdown, resulting in short circuit, resulting in lithium battery safety accident. The charger voltage is too low, making the charging inefficient and consuming too much time;

9.Lithium-ion bicycle in the case of no use, should be in time to turn off the power, or the battery pack from the cell seat to pull another. Because the motor and controller in No-load state will still consume power;

10.In order to ensure the lithium battery pack is filled, it is necessary to choose the charging at ambient temperature to ensure that lithium batteries are better charged;

11.Lithium batteries can enter hibernation under refrigeration conditions. But lithium-ion bicycles in the high-temperature conditions (such as summer) after the use, can not immediately remove the battery pack in the freezer, but placed in the shade, slowly let lithium battery cooling;

12.Due to the existence of micro-discharge phenomenon, lithium battery should be constantly supplemented to ensure that the battery voltage is maintained in a stable state.

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