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Guide for use in winter batteries
Aug 24, 2017

1. The new car from the first 10 days after the purchase, regardless of the day used or not, must be normal charge, the general charge time of 8-12 hours (the charge end light is bright), because the family voltage is different.

2, the winter charge should be appropriate to file or use the winter switch or increase the charging time, the practice of the summer is the opposite, the standard for running the basic not less than similar vehicles, two months do not fill the plate.

3. If two months do not fill the plate, must be reduced or reduced charging time.

4. The new battery is used up to three months or so, if the new battery run less than the old battery is normal.

5. No matter when, after use should be recharged in a timely manner, strictly prohibit the use of long time after the battery has no memory effect, the amount of electricity remaining before charging more service life longer.

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