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What is the difference between lithium battery and hydrogen fuel?
Dec 06, 2017

With the worsening of environmental pollution, smog has become a topic talked about by color change in recent years. Especially in the imperial capital, once dignified imperial city, was also covered with haze without the water chestnut. As the world's oil resources continue to be mined, the days of "fueling" are getting further and further away from us. As a big country in automobile industry, China can no longer be any "oil". Ever since, advocacy of energy saving has become the slogan of the country with shouting. With the development in recent years, new energy vehicles as a clean-flow should be generated and nowadays hot topic. All major car companies have joined the ranks of new energy sources.

The reason why the rapid development of new energy vehicles, because it relies on batteries as the power source, different from the traditional fuel vehicles, pollution has become its biggest advantage, the state throw money to subsidies are also reasonable. Battery as the core of electric vehicles, naturally became the focus of research and development of car prices at home and abroad. Today, Beijing China Shipping Electric will come to talk about new energy vehicles and batteries that thing?

We are familiar with the battery is also widely used in electric vehicles in two ways, one is represented by the public Thai ternary lithium batteries, there is a Toyota-led hydrogen fuel cell. Looking at the current development of electric vehicles battery, these two types of batteries. There is still a big difference.

Let's talk about the Taiyuan new energy vehicles favored by the ternary lithium battery. First of all, ternary lithium battery high energy density, good cycle performance, thus extending the life. With the rapid development of science and technology, major domestic and foreign car companies have designed their own battery management system, making the safety of electric vehicles with protection.

As the name suggests, fuel cell vehicles fuel cell as the core, this technology is not yet mature in China. However, in some developed countries such as the United States, Japan and South Korea, it is widely used. Especially in Japan, the biggest carmakers have already worked hard on hydrogen power. More than a year ago Toyota introduced its new fuel-powered car, Mirai, which is already on sale in Japan.

This fuel cell is different from the traditional lithium-ion battery, which can quickly fill the battery with fuel in 3-5 minutes and travel longer distances. For the traditional charging of new energy vehicles, this has become a luxury. Of course, in addition to charging convenience, hydrogen fuel cells also face many problems. Hydrogen fuel to consume more energy than ordinary electric vehicles, pollution has naturally become a big problem. Second, the price of fuel cell vehicles and maintenance costs are more expensive than electric vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles seem overshadowed by the relatively environmentally friendly and economical electric cars.

The rapid development of new energy vehicles also led to the vigorous development of the battery industry, but also represents the development trend of the new energy automotive industry. At the same time, China Shipping Electric also have reason to believe that the future development of new energy vehicles battery technology will be getting better!

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