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Why do electric car batteries CLP?
Aug 24, 2017

First: battery long-term loss of electricity storage. Electric vehicles in the case of storage to write full of electricity, because of the loss of electricity will seriously affect the service life, the longer idle time, damage will be more serious, but also caused the electric vehicle battery CLP more!

Second: large current discharge. Electric vehicles should avoid heavy objects, in the beginning and uphill please use the pedal to help, because at this time the motor current increases, the battery discharge too fast, the voltage drop quickly, will damage to the battery degree is very big!

Third: battery long-term loss of electricity. Often in a state like eating, a lot of friends are accustomed to the battery is running out of time, will remember to recharge the battery, in fact, every day riding electric cars, regardless of 10 kilometers or 50 kilometers, should be timely charge, to ensure that the battery is full of electricity in the state!

IV: no periodic deep discharge. The correct method is to use two months for a deep discharge, that is, a long distance ride until the undervoltage indicator flashes, the power runs out, and then the battery is restored in charge.

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