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BYD No Longer Defend To The Last Of LiFeCoPO4, Large-scale Investment On (Li(NiCoMn)O2) Battery
Dec 06, 2017

In the November 10 investment in the new energy automotive industry salon, BYD secretaries Li Qian said BYD plans to expand the layout of ternary lithium batteries in 2016 BYD expects battery capacity of 10GW · H, in 2017 the new ternary battery 5-6GW H

BYD is the world's second largest and largest battery manufacturer in the country, has been sticking to the technical route of lithium iron phosphate battery and is the world leader in lithium iron phosphate battery technology. BYD also began large-scale layout of ternary lithium battery, which means that the technical route of ternary battery will dominate in the future. Of course, more technical features of the product portfolio also help to seize market share.

Lithium iron phosphate and lithium iron phosphate battery power compared to the existence of higher than the advantages, however, the number of low-cycle charge and discharge, and stability as lithium iron phosphate battery, charging speed will be slower. However, with the rapid development of electric vehicle market, people can ask for higher and higher contrast, and cruise mileage has almost become the most crucial indicator to measure the technical level of pure electric vehicles.

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