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Electric Car ,0 Emissions Is A Liar, Maybe Electric Cars Are More Polluting Than Fuel Cars!
Jan 03, 2018

1: Tesla emissions exceeded the standard, was fined 10,000 dollars!

The thing is, a Tesla Model s owner was fined 10,000 dollars for "emitting too much carbon dioxide". The ticket was issued by the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA). According to LTA's calculations, the imported Tesla car's electricity consumption is 44.4kwh/100km per kilometer. LTA a representative gave their explanation: "For all electric vehicles, according to the global average power generation 1kWh carbon dioxide emissions 0.5kg of the average, the owner of the Model S equivalent to emissions of 222g/km carbon dioxide." If a so-called new-car Tesla p100d is this energy-consuming range, his carbon footprint can be almost comparable to that of a Porsche Cayenne fitted with a V8 engine. And LTA said they used the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) R101 standards for the consumer's car test, is "heavy pollution" category. So, the fine is certainly the inevitable thing.


So we can see from then on that even Tesla does not have the same emissions as the engine and exhaust. But after the ticket came in, Tesla officials responded that the LTA test results were 18.1kwh/100km per kilometer from the US entry into Singapore in 2014, less than half of the LTA calculation. LTA subsequently confirmed that if the energy consumption was measured using 18.1kwh/100km rather than 44.4 wh/km, the carbon dioxide emissions of model S were in line with the requirements-18.1 kwh/km*0.5kg/km = 90g/km carbon dioxide emissions.

Therefore, from this incident seems to be the Singapore Land Transport Authority staff to calculate the wrong Tesla's carbon emissions data, do not know whether the staff in school is not math did not learn, is it the PE teacher taught mathematics? However, it also shows that Tesla's emissions are indeed not low, so the question is, Tesla really green? Whether it is imported electric cars or domestic electric vehicles are really less energy than fuel vehicles?


2: "Electric car" really can be called a new energy vehicle? Are the carbon emissions of electric cars really lower than fuel cars?

We all know that electricity is the existence of nature, there is no invention of the saying, even if it should be said to be found. And the time for human power has been starting in 18th century. So it seems that electricity is not a new energy source in real sense.

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