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Full Solid State Battery 2020 Years Being Commercial 1 Top 3 Lithium Battery
Dec 27, 2017

The development of solid-state battery technology for electric vehicles is being considered, and the project has not been developed with other manufacturers. As we all know, Honda in the new energy sector has a lot of black technology, and Toyota go hand in hand with the forefront of the new energy market! Unlike Toyota, however, Toyota has shared technology with its partners, but Honda has stated that it has not worked with other vendors to develop the project, and the details are intriguing! As national policies continue to encourage the development of new energy industries, more and more traditional car companies began to turn their attention from the crush of fuel efficiency to the capacity of the battery and motor torque. To expand the battery capacity, improve and even innovate the battery material, is the most significant method, but the development cost is bottomless.

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Honda is not the first person to develop solid-state batteries, and researchers around the world are on the road to commercializing solid-state batteries. The characteristics of the solid electrolyte of all solid-state lithium batteries, such as nonflammable, Non-corrosive, non-volatile and leak-free, determine its high safety, and also overcome the phenomenon of lithium dendrite, theoretically, the probability of spontaneous combustion of a fully solid-state lithium battery will be greatly reduced. The current energy density of all solid-state lithium batteries is about 400wh/kg, and the maximum potential value is up to 900wh/kg. However, there are two sides to everything, and the high safety of solid-state electrolytes makes their own resistance value very large, there are still some unsolved problems in the battery energy density, and researchers need to find more suitable solid electrolyte, positive and negative materials, and once these problems can be effectively resolved, will be a new battery revolution in the future.

By the way, Toyota has previously announced to the public the ambitious goal of using solid-state batteries to replace lithium batteries in 2020, and said its solid-state batteries are three to four times times as high as lithium batteries, according to Toyota's senior material engineering Executive Suzuki Shigekisuzuki. Toyota will fully realize the commercialization of all solid-state batteries in 2020, the current practice seems to be suitable for the development of Panasonic cooperation! Can imagine the future, more and more car companies to join in the new energy vehicles and ancillary products around the research and development and investment, for consumers can better improve products, but for enterprises, the situation will be much more complicated!


Solid State Batteries Tips

All-solid-state batteries are batteries that use solid electrodes and solid electrolytes. Solid state battery has lower power density and higher energy density. Because the power of solid-state batteries is relatively high, it is an ideal battery for electric vehicles. 1991-Sony has used lithium-ion batteries containing liquid electrolytes to bring them to electronic devices, and in 2010, Fontaine has been pushing solid-state batteries that range up to 1000 kilometers. Efforts, including Quantumscape and Sakti3, are also trying to replace traditional liquid lithium batteries with solid-state batteries. Avestor, a Canadian company that filed for bankruptcy in 2006, also tried to develop solid-state lithium-ion batteries that used a polymer separator to replace liquid electrolytes in batteries, but failed.

In the traditional liquid lithium battery, the battery charge and discharge process is completed when lithium ions move from positive to negative to cathode. In contrast to this, the electrolyte is solid, and the density and structure allow more charged ions to gather at one end, conducting a larger current, thereby increasing the battery capacity. Therefore, the same amount of electricity, the solid-state battery volume will become smaller. In addition, solid-state batteries do not have electrolyte, easier to seal, in the car and other large equipment use, no need to add additional cooling tubes, electronic controls, not only save costs, but also reduce the weight.

Solid state battery points are: 1, high safety. The liquid electrolyte is flammable and explosive, and the growth of lithium dendrite can easily puncture the diaphragm during charging, which leads to short circuit of the battery. But the solid electrolyte is not flammable, non-corrosive, non-volatile, there is no leakage problem, also overcome the phenomenon of lithium dendrite, so all solid-state batteries have a very high security. 2, energy density is high, can provide the energy density basically can reach 300-400wh/kg. Solid-State battery electrolyte can block the growth of lithium dendrite, and the material is more suitable for the new lithium battery technology with higher energy density space. 3. Strong cycling performance. The solid electrolyte solves the problem of the solid electrolyte interfacial membrane formed in the liquid electrolyte during charging and discharging, and the lithium dendrite phenomenon (lithium dendrite refers to the dendritic metal lithium element formed when lithium ion is reduced when the lithium battery is charged with liquid electrolyte. ), greatly improve the cycle and service life, charging up to 45,000 times. 4. The scope of application is enlarged. Solid-State electrolytes give solid-state lithium batteries the characteristics of compact structure, adjustable scale and large design elasticity, which can be used in the fields of driving micro-electronic devices to large power and energy storage. At the same time, the temperature range of -25℃-60℃ also expands its scope of application.

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