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Hydrogen Fuel And Lithium Batteries, Who Is The Future Of The Car?
Nov 15, 2017

Now, we all think that in the future the thing can replace the traditional internal combustion engine, is definitely a pure electric vehicle. Currently,the pure electric vehicles have been commercialized. And with the support of governments around the world, the sales of pure electric vehicles are increasing gradually, and the related charging stations and other infrastructure are steadily advancing. In addition, many countries, especially European countries, have set a timetable for the sale of fuel vehicles, it seems that only pure electric vehicles are the trend of future development of automobiles.


But many people do not know that there is a new alternative energy, the hydrogen fuel  (FCV), but so far, it has a very low sense of existence. Only a handful of countries and carmakers, represented by Japan, Europe and South Korea, are investing in hydrogen fuel (FCV) vehicles.

So, if pure electric cars are the trend of future car power, why are manufacturers still developing hydrogen fuel ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a hydrogen fuel (FCV) compared to the current popular lithium-battery car? What are the typical hydrogen fuel cell cars in the market?

Advantages and disadvantages of lithium battery compared with hydrogen fuel 

On the hydrogen fuel cell, the explanation in Baidu Encyclopedia is very complex. So simply summarize. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have the following advantages:

1. Hydrogenation is like refueling, usually only 3-5 minutes. The charging of electric cars is a slow process. Even Tesla's launch of the super charging station usually takes more than 1 hours.

2. Hydrogen fuel cells are mainly composed of hydrogen, we know that the chemical formula of water is hydrogen dioxide, hydrogen fuel cells at the end of service life, and will not cause pollution to the environment. and lithium-ion batteries contain a lot of heavy metals, if the recovery is improper, will cause greater pollution to the environment.

3. Hydrogen fuel cell storage density is high, and light weight, life mileage is generally farther. Usually more than 500 kilometers, while the pure electric vehicle is based on the size of the battery capacity, most of the current EV mileage in 300 kilometers, a few models can reach 400~500 kilometers.

The disadvantage of hydrogen fuel cell is also very obviously, that is high cost. Both the cost of charging and the catalyst needed for the battery are high, which is why hydrogen fuel cell cars are not rapidly commercialized.

In the competition between hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and lithium-ion batteries, the current lithium-ion battery has an advantage. The biggest disadvantage of hydrogen fuel cell cars is in high manufacturing costs. Currently, the price of hydrogen fuel cell cars has fallen from $ more than 100,000 to $670,000 trillion, but Tesla and GM have been priced at $30,000, or even lower, for high-performance electric vehicles.

The future of the car is motor-driven, but the car's future is a plug-in electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, is still inconclusive. So, we have seen the world's mainstream manufacturers are actively preparing for the era of pure electric vehicles, on the other side, Toyota has been invited to join the team of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and even the core technology of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles directly. Therefore, the future who win who loses, it is not early to conclude.


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