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Lithium Battery Future Is 21700 Of The World?
Dec 11, 2017

By the end of July, Tesla released its fourth Model 3, the new car is 354 kilometers and 499 kilometers two according to the mileage, and there may be a high performance version. Priced at $35,000, the model 30% is the most pro-American model of Tesla's price so far.

Notably, the key to allowing Tesla to launch such a civilian-grade electric car is that it uses a bold, lengthened version of the upgraded battery--21700 battery.

Like 18650 batteries, Tesla 21700 is one of the cylindrical lithium batteries. "21" refers to the battery diameter of 21mm, "70" refers to the height of 70mm, "0" represents the cylindrical body of the battery.

Tesla made a preliminary lead

Tesla's introduction of 21700 batteries was not intended to lead the way, but was actually driven by cost pressures.

At the beginning of the Model 3 project, Musk set a $35,000 price for the car, but if you still use the original 18650, there will be two results, either to ensure that the range is exceeded, or to keep the pricing down, which is hard for "picky" Musk to accept. So the question is, is there a battery that reduces costs at the same time, and the answer is 21700 batteries.

Although the 18650 battery has made a contribution to Tesla's rise, Musk himself has been skeptical of it for 21700 and 18650 batteries, Musk said in social media: 18650 of the battery is a historical accident, it is the standard of early products, Only 21700 batteries are now available to meet the battery performance requirements of electric vehicles.

Why 21700 batteries? Industry analysts believe that the 21700-type battery has a higher energy density than the 18650-type batteries we know, and the cost of the group is reduced. The choice of 21700, not its absolute performance over other models, is the result of a combination of physical and economic equilibrium.



Given the many advantages of the 21700 battery, coupled with Tesla's huge industry clout, the battery is likely to become the next cylindrical battery development trend. However, although it is a trend in the future, it is difficult to determine whether domestic companies will have to lay 21700 batteries as they used to follow 18650 batteries.

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