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Lithium Battery Is Becoming Popular In UPS Industry
Nov 20, 2017

11 Shopping Carnival since the beginning of 2009, the annual huge volume of hundreds of thousands of servers behind the complex operations, processing hundreds of millions of transactions. As Alibaba Group's infrastructure, data center, server, network undertook a lot of information processing tasks. Ali engineers have been engaged in the development of low-level technology to improve data processing capacity, information reliability. The data center carrying such a large processing capacity and the continuous optimization of the server achieve optimal performance.

In order to reduce the data center Pue, save energy, improve server power efficiency, Alibaba inside the server embedded lithium battery BBU (Battery Backup unit), and in the Ali Data Center deployment, to support the dual 11 business operation. There are typically two PSU (Power Supply unit) inside the server to convert the voltage. The refactored server retains only one PSU, and another PSU position will be inserted into a lithium-ion battery BBU, which will form a distributed lithium-ion battery BBU system in the data center when all the servers have a lithium-ion battery bbu inside.


After the scheme landed, Alibaba will become the first server-level power-ready Internet company in China, and Google and Microsoft also have the power to prepare the technology enterprises.

After the immersion is cold, Ali pushes the built-in lithium battery server

(the left side of the figure is Ali server built-in lithium battery Bbu)

In power, most data center standby power systems are centralized UPS plus lead-acid batteries, but this centralized UPS power supply in the face of fast-paced internet industry, exposing more and more problems, resulting in giant internet companies began to switch to distributed lithium-ion battery bbu, especially Google, Alibaba , Microsoft as the representative.

Centralized UPS mainly has the following four major mishap:

One: Single UPS equipment failure will cause the back end dozens of or even thousands of of server racks to power off, the impact of a wide range of failures.

Two: UPS power conversion times, low power efficiency.

Three: UPS investment in operating costs, the system usually needs to be configured in accordance with the maximum load of copper, distribution cabinets, circuit breaker switches and other distribution equipment, and in most cases the server load is low, resulting in waste of infrastructure distribution lines.

Four: The transportation dimension is inconvenient, the lead-acid battery has the memory characteristic, therefore each year must carry on the UPS several times the charge and discharge test to check the battery aging degree, takes too many time and the manpower cost.

In accordance with the design of Alibaba, the external power supply once power, installed in the server 12V lithium battery can work immediately, providing 12V power support for the server, efficiency up to 99%, close to the theoretical optimal value. Compared to the traditional ups or 240V high-voltage DC also need to do two times voltage conversion, efficiency increase of more than 8%, and then effectively reduce pue up to 10%-15%. So for the massive computing data center this province electricity capacity is huge.

Unlike UPS centralized deployments, the biggest benefit of lithium-ion battery bbu is that it can be purchased and built on demand with the server, avoiding the traditional UPS vacancy and low utilization, reducing the cost of capital, and improving the overall delivery time of 15% data centers.

In terms of investment operations, the 10KW data center, for example, previously spent tens of millions of yuan per year UPS operating costs, ups+ distribution equipment upfront investment will also be saved. In addition, lithium battery life of 10-15 years, compared to lead-acid battery 4-6 years of life, will save nearly half of the cost of investment.

How does Ali solve the world problem of battery management?

In the automotive sector, Tesla's battery management system has been violently dismantled by a number of car-testing agencies, culminating in the conclusion that Tesla's battery management system is the best in the current electric car industry.

Back in the data center, how to manage tens of thousands of batteries in a unified way is one of the biggest challenges in operation.

Liu Shiwan said, "electric cars release relatively stable and continuous electrical energy, the data center lithium batteries need to provide in a very short period of time, particularly large power, and then wait for other standby systems to start." From high reliability, high security, long life, and the failure of tens of thousands of batteries to locate indicators, the data center faced with the battery management system is much more difficult than electric vehicles. ”

For the power output, Ali uses a direct power supply for the server 12V battery, power outages can immediately power the server. For the problem of battery fault location, Ali reused the PSU interface protocol, the lithium battery BBU uses the same interface protocol as the server PSU, so tens of thousands of BBU can smoothly follow the server PSU management system, and when the BBU fails, the server operation platform can be used to locate the fault, And then directly to the replacement of BBU, the process of rapid and accurate.

From 2011, launched the Scorpio program, to promote the complete cabinet server in the data center of the rapid popularization of the Internet industry in 2017 to launch the world's first immersion cold server cluster, Alibaba has been in the data center of the product technology upgrade reform, as the engine carrying Alibaba, finance, manufacturing, cloud computing, Artificial intelligence and other business and new technology development. The industry's first lithium-ion battery BBU Server, may again lead the Internet Data Center and the battery industry, a new round of change, to open a new data center power supply era

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