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Lithium Battery Vs Fuel Cell Who Will Be Better
May 23, 2018

Lithium battery vs fuel Cell who will be more than one--cost comparison

The main obstacle to the development of fuel cell is the high cost, complicated process of hydrogen production, and the whole network of hydrogenation and hydrogen supply needs to be built from scratch. Hydrogen is obtained by means of electrolysis or steam recombination.

But these two methods are costly, and the cost of producing the same quality of natural gas is 1/2 or even 1/3 of hydrogen production.

Lithium-ion battery production cost is relatively low, in addition to its repeated charging use is very convenient, compared to other portable energy, it has higher cost-effectiveness. Lithium battery vs fuel Cell who will be better-performance comparison

Although all countries are vigorously promoting electric vehicles, but their share is still very low. The reason is that electric cars violate the logic of the change of energy density.

Even the latest generation of lithium-ion battery vehicles, the maximum energy density is only 1/40 of gasoline. And the emergence of fuel cells has completely changed the status quo.

Its energy density is 3 times times that of gasoline, the work efficiency of the motor is twice times of the internal combustion engine, the actual density is 6 times times of gasoline, the advantage is obvious. Lithium battery vs fuel Cell who will be more than one--safety comparison

Lithium battery As a closed energy system, from the principle of high energy density and security is difficult to be compatible, otherwise it will be equivalent to the bomb.

Therefore, the current mainstream process, low energy density of lithium iron phosphate safety is better, the battery temperature reached 500-600 degrees before the decomposition, basically do not need too much protection auxiliary equipment. Combined with the above drastic contrast, fuel cell is undoubtedly the key project of social development in the future. Fuel cell use of fuel is hydrogen, the current source is mainly the by-product of the petrochemical industry, and electrolytic water hydrogen efficiency is relatively low, photolysis is still in the laboratory stage from the industrialization is still very distant, that is, fuel cell is actually still closely related to the oil industry, Fc-ev has not broken the current strategic pattern of close ties between the auto industry and the oil industry. and lithium-ion pure electric car situation is very different, electric vehicle charging power source diversity is not limited to the power grid system, and the power grid system is the big energy industry and petrochemical industry dependence degree countries are not consistent, For example, China is currently mainly based on coal-electricity in France and the United States is mainly oil and gas but the energy structure is diversified, but the overall power grid on the petrochemical industry is not so closely dependent on the car industry. I hope you can enjoy the full content of the lithium battery vs fuel Cell who will be better than the small series sharing.

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