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Low Temperature Lithium Ion Battery
Nov 28, 2017

The low temperature performance of lithium battery constantly goes down in cold day and how?

It is cold, the original energy full of lithium batteries, capacity to play a discount, lithium batteries seem to enter the hibernation state, which for new energy vehicles and digital products users to bring a little trouble. 

Lithium battery is most afraid of low temperature?

In a test conducted by the American Automobile Association, an electric car has a range of 105 miles (about 169 km) at 75 degrees Fahrenheit (about 24 ℃), 20 degrees Fahrenheit (about 7 ℃) to 43 miles (about 69 km) – down to 60%. Batteries and people are somewhat similar, the climate is not so active after cooling, lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries and fuel cells will be affected by low temperature, just a different degree.

Taking the most used lithium iron phosphate battery on electric buses as an example, the battery has high safety and long life, but its low temperature performance is slightly worse than that of other technical systems. The low temperature has influence on the anode and cathode of lithium iron phosphate, electrolyte and bonding agent. For example, lithium iron phosphate cathode itself has poor electrical conductivity, in low temperature environment, it is easy to produce polarization, which can reduce the battery capacity, the effect of low temperature, graphite intercalation lithium speed, easy to release metal lithium on the negative surface, if the charge after the use of time is insufficient, metal lithium can not all again embedded inside the graphite, The presence of the cathode on the surface of some lithium, which is likely to form lithium-dendrite, affect the battery safety; at low temperature, the electrolyte viscosity will increase, and the lithium ion migration impedance will increase. In addition, in the production process of lithium iron phosphate, adhesive is also a very important factor, low-temperature on the bonding agent performance will have a greater impact.

The same is the lithium battery, lithium titanate battery low temperature performance is relatively excellent. The lithium titanate cathode material of spinel structure is about 1.5V, it will not form lithium dendrite, and the volume strain is less than 1% during the charge and discharge process. The nanometer lithium titanate battery can charge and discharge high current, realize the low temperature and fast charge while ensuring the durability and safety of the battery. For example, the flagship lithium titanate battery of new energy, its products with 50-60 ℃ normal charge and discharge capacity.

Although lithium-ion batteries with graphite anode can be decentralized in -40℃, it is difficult to achieve conventional current charging at -20℃ and lower temperatures, an area where the industry is actively exploring.

TLH battery can supply low temperature battey which can dsicharge in -40 degree C to -70 degree C,it can be used in electric bike ,military electronic devices, and many outdoor devices.

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