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NCM And NCA Ternary Lithium Battery
Feb 26, 2018

The ternary lithium battery will become the main battery type in the field of power batteries, especially for passenger cars, and it has higher energy and power than the lithium iron phosphate battery, which is more in line with the demand of passenger cars. In the past 2017, China's three-dimensional battery to achieve the loading of 15GWh, accounted for 44.71%, although slightly lower than lithium phosphate battery, but with the power of passenger car electric vehicles, we can expect it can soon become absolutely first.


However, it is noteworthy that our country's ternary lithium batteries are mainly NCM batteries, rather than Tesla on the use of NCA ternary lithium batteries, then, the difference between the two, the future development will be, we together to understand the next.

First of all, whether NCM or NCA, is the battery cathode material, NCM refers to the cathode material by the nickel cobalt manganese three kinds of materials from a certain proportion, and the NCA cathode material is composed of nickel and cobalt aluminum, each letter corresponding to the relevant elements of the chemical first letter. It can be seen that the first two ternary materials are the same, are nickel and cobalt, only the last difference, the former is manganese, the latter is aluminum.

Due to the high technical barriers of NCA materials, the production capacity is mainly concentrated in Japan and South Korea. The main suppliers have Sumitomo Metal (Sumitomo), Japan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Toda Chemical (toda), South Korea's Ecopro and Gsem also have a small number of product sales. Among them, Toda mainly supply Japan AESC and South Korea Lgc,sumitomo main supply Panasonic and Peve, South Korea's Ecopro corresponding customers for SDI.

NCA batteries in China have not yet been produced in large quantities, the main difficulty is:

One, high nickel materials under the load state of thermal stability, resulting in lower battery safety, making battery manufacturers and end-users of NCA battery safety concerns, the need from the core design, power system design, power use and other links to carry out the system reliable security design.

Second, the charge and discharge process there is a serious gas production, which will lead to battery bulging deformation, cycle and the use of life decline, the battery has a hidden danger, so usually the use of pressure-resistant cylindrical battery shell production NCA battery, reducing the gas production to control the problem of bulging deformation of the battery.

Third, NCA requirements in the entire process of battery production to control humidity under 10%, and other materials at present only need to be liquid injection process of strict humidity control. This has created a great challenge for domestic enterprises.

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