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Samsung Tianjin Battery 2016 Net Profit Loss Of 85 Million Yuan
Oct 25, 2017

Tianjin Property Rights Trading Center's listing notice, Samsung Tianjin Battery 2016 net profit loss of 85 million yuan. As of August 31 this year, the total assets of 803 million yuan, the total liability of up to 806 million yuan, owner's equity of 3.8195 million yuan, has been insolvent. This is the Samsung SDI after the suspension of the expansion of the factory in Xi ' an, ski Beijing factory shutdown, LG transfer Nanjing Plant, this year, another Korean battery factory survival crisis. The South Korean battery factory has been ambitious enough to spend hundreds of millions of of its new energy-producing power-generation batteries in China.

Early this year, Samsung's SDI XI ' an battery factory, Samsung ring new power batteries, has been suspended to increase plans for new production lines. Aiming at the opportunity of China, the world's largest market for electric cars, Samsung SDI planned to spend $600 million in 2020 to install more battery lines for the factory in Xi ' an. But the plant has not been able to sign any major supply agreements since it began operating in September 2015. In addition to the low starting rate in Tianjin and Xi ' an, the construction of the newly-built Wuxi plant has also been postponed. This means that Samsung SDI in China's battery business is slowing overall.

Samsung in China related to the power battery business in China, the plight of the current operating conditions of the battery production base still needs to be verified, currently unable to comment.

Another unfavorable news from the mobile phone field, in the first week of the IPhone8 listing, that is, there have been two incidents reported, the appearance of the battery bulge phenomenon, resulting in the expansion of the fuselage, mobile phone screen was open. Sources say Apple's three new batteries come from SDI and LG. As a result of Note7 's bad "record" existence, this also let Samsung SDI again into the external security of its doubts.

Before the sale of a stake in the Samsung SDI factory in Tianjin, two other Korean battery makers, LG and Ski, have already struggled to get their batteries in China, especially the power-cell business. The fast-track of China's new energy subsidy policy, and the failure of the Korean battery giants to monopolize the market, has left Han-Chinese battery companies in a state of half out.

2016 Power battery field policy earthquake, to April 2017, that is, there is news, LG in Nanjing Joint venture company "Nanjing LG Chemical New Energy Battery Co., Ltd." Production line is basically idle. The latest news is frozen in the November 10, 2015 "LG Chemical new energy Battery factory completed."

Ski announced in March this year that, as a result of reduced battery orders, its corporate Chinese company Beijing Electronic Control Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Beijing Electric control Besk) has stopped production at the end of last year. Beijing electric control is ski and Baic Group, Beijing Electronic Holding Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 joint venture, Ski holdings accounted for 40%. The June 2014 joint venture provides battery support for BAIC's new energy model.

In addition, Baic's new energy sources have confirmed the news that it has ended its supply relationship with ski, saying its current battery supplier has switched to Shang Tech, a local battery manufacturer. As a leader in the domestic new energy sector, the North's new energy is clearly not time to wait for the wind to change and to take the risk. "The decision was made by a Chinese company holding 60% of the ski," the official said. ”

Like Baic, in the past two years, a number of local car companies have given up the power of cooperation with the Han, and the rapid upgrading of local battery suppliers technology has made the entire vehicle manufacturers successfully completed the switch.

In fact, as early as last year, the plight of the Korean battery has begun. At that time, the new energy battery caused by the frequency of lithium-ion battery accident escalated sharply, with the July Power Battery "white list" (the "Power Battery Enterprise Catalogue" published by the Ministry of Industry), is the battery supplier qualification directly linked with the new energy subsidy will be the message. Since the first four batches contain 57 battery companies ' whitelist, not a Japanese-Korean battery in China, the fifth batch of new energy promotion models released in December, is in a few hours to replace two versions, was removed is the installation of LG, Samsung and other foreign battery models. Sniff the policy risk of the entire vehicle manufacturers decisively switch suppliers, is preparing to forcefully carve out China's new energy vehicle Power battery big cake of the Korean battery was abandoned overnight.

With Samsung SDI and LG headed, eager for the Korean battery is intended to monopolize the market with ultra-low prices, malicious competition directly ruined its access to government new energy subsidies in China possibility. In addition, the adverse factors, including China's upgrading of local power battery technology to strategic heights, restrictions on foreign power batteries, and a sensitive policy environment, have always revolved around the Korean battery.

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