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Should The Apple Battery Door Continue To Ferment To Give Consumers Free Battery Replacement?
Dec 26, 2017

A couple of years after using the iphone, many Apple users will find their phones slowing. Apple recently admitted that it was a deliberate act by the company to enhance the user experience. Apple is therefore a target.

Apple has been sued in the United States for secretly slowing down the aging iphone processor, without the user's knowledge. Apple has been accused of violating consumer-rights-related laws.

The first to launch a lawsuit was the two IPhone7 users in California who sued Apple for damaging the user's right to know, interfering with the user's equipment, causing economic damage and demanding compensation from Apple.

Since then, several Apple users in Chicago and Northern California have filed lawsuits against the local courts, calling Apple's approach "deceptive and immoral", in violation of U.S. consumer protection laws.

Primatelabs founder Johnpoole, the developer of the GEEKBENCH4 software for the American running Division system, was the first person to discover and prove that the aging of the Apple battery would affect the CPU's processor speed. At first Poole thought the processor's performance would decay as the lithium-ion battery declined. But then they found that some of the older iphone users had significantly improved their processor performance after replacing the battery. Another finding is that every time Apple upgrades the iOS system, the performance of older iphone users will fall even faster.

So Poole that the iphone's decline is bound to the processor's performance, and that Apple restricts the processor's speed by changing the iOS system every time.

Poole told the first financial Reporter: "In our study of the 100,000 iphone samples, found that updated the system of the old version of the iphone is significantly slower, and the occurrence of accidental shutdown is very common, the number of devices involved in a large scale." One of the most affected by the slowdown is the use of the iOS10.2 version and the iOS11.2 version of the iphone6s and the iOS11.2 version of IPhone7. ”

Poole's run-Test was done in conjunction with the American social networking site Reddit. Reddit the company's reputation, which had a huge impact on corporate reputations, last week when Apple deliberately "slowed" the speed of the iphone, it could be plunged into the worst PR crisis in history.

Previously, Apple has been choosing to remain silent about lithium-ion batteries, a deliberate attempt to conceal product information from users, and to guide users to buy new models instead of replacing batteries.

It was not until the GEEKBENCH4 data was released that Apple finally made an explanation.

Poole said Apple deliberately masked the battery's performance by mistaking the user for its own phone, and they didn't think the battery was the main cause of the drop in performance and accidental shutdown.

"The ability of lithium-ion batteries to provide peak current demand after low temperature, low power and long term use will decline and not provide immediate high performance requirements, which could lead to accidental shutdowns to protect electronic components within the handset," according to Apple's statement. ”

Apple acknowledges that, starting last year, the company has released a "new feature" for IPhone6, iphone6s, and Iphonese, which is to smooth out the instant-high performance requirements of the transition iphone to avoid the resulting unexpected shutdown. "Now, this feature has been introduced into the iOS11.2 IPhone7 and will support other handsets in the future." "said the Apple.

Now that the average price of Apple's new iphone is over $700 trillion, mobile phones with such high prices, if performance cannot be guaranteed for a year or two, will surely leave Apple with a large chunk of the user's support.

Poole told the first financial correspondent that while Apple had reason to turn the processor down to avoid accidental shutdown, Apple should also tell the user about the condition of the battery. "Apple's current approach is not transparent enough. "Poole said.

The question now is, why can't apple design a mobile phone that doesn't automatically shut down or slow down? It's perfectly possible in theory!

Poole's team, after doing the same research on Android phones, did not find any large-scale accidental shutdown or slowing down on Apple's iphone. There are two explanations, partly because the iphone relies more on battery power than Android, and on the other hand, Android has a bigger battery.

So is it possible for Apple to weigh the battery's energy density and service life in the design of the battery? For this question, Apple may already have the answer. According to Apple analyst Ming, Apple has informed small suppliers that by 2019, it will provide the iphone with a more powerful battery.

In addition, Marcadoeff, a battery specialist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, says they are offering solutions that allow cell phone batteries to meet higher demand. One solution is to design a more complex battery, and another is to have a battery that is larger than the actual demand, which will make the handset bulky.

But the user may be more willing to accept a slightly thicker iphone than a phone run or a "drop" at a critical time.

Before Apple can find a good solution to the iphone's performance, should the company consider replacing the battery for free, or at least making it more affordable for more consumers? Sadly, Apple still chooses to remain silent.

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