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Subsidiary Of Wanxiang US Apply Battery Patent; The Solid-state Battery Uses A Three-dimensional Electrode
Nov 18, 2017

According to foreign media reports, Fisker researchers submitted a document this week to apply for a patent for its flexible ultra-high-energy-density solid-state battery, but not under the publication of a non-publication request). The patent covers entirely new materials and manufacturing processes and will play a vital role in achieving the required energy density, power and cost goals, new materials and processes and in promoting the rollout and application of EVs.

Fisk's solid-state battery uses a three-dimensional electrode, its energy density is 3 times that of lithium-ion batteries. According to the company, the technology enables electric vehicles to reach more than 500 miles and recharge at just over a minute, faster than at gas stations. According to Fisk, it is estimated that the mass production application of this technology in the automotive field will have to wait until after 2023.

According to earlier studies, Fisk's solid-state battery technology enables the construction of a large number of three-dimensional solid-state electrodes with 25 times the surface area of flat thin-film solid state electrodes with extremely high electron and ion conductivity , Can achieve fast charge and low temperature operation.

As a result, Fisk's solid-state battery has an energy density 2.5 times that of a conventional lithium-ion battery. Thanks to its advanced materials and manufacturing processes, Fisk's solid-state batteries are expected to cost about one-third as much as conventional lithium-ion batteries by 2020.

Solid-state battery technology limitations

There are currently many limitations to solid-state battery technology including low electrode current density, limited temperature range, limited material availability, high cost, and insufficient manufacturing scalability.

There are several failure modes that affect the performance of solid-state batteries, including high contact resistance in layered electrode structures and low ionic mobility, resulting in low discharge capacity.

During the charge-discharge process, delamination problems are caused due to volume changes and residual stresses; dendritic penetration and stability are inferior to those of lithium electrodes; ion diffusion is low, especially at low temperatures, which is mainly limited by solid materials Own property

Fisk's solid-state battery flexible electrode construction will provide the battery with versatile voltage and form factors that may cause trauma to cylindrical cells at higher voltage outputs, in addition to reducing cell-to-cell -cell connection, thermal management and safety requirements, but also allows the use of current battery tools and machinery to further reduce battery system costs.

Future application prospects

According to Fiske, the technology will be used in automotive applications after 2023. Due to the lack of ancillary supply chains with special materials and manufacturing tools, the preparation phase is extremely time-consuming and there is a need to establish quality procedures for the reuse of materials.

However, Fiske also said that the company is actively engaged in potential non-automotive industry partners to carry out cooperative consultations, is also likely to be 2030 to achieve the commercialization of such battery applications.

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