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Subsidy Of New Energy Car Downhill Rumors Fermented Lithium Battery Change The Bottom Of Gold Pit?
Nov 18, 2017

REVIEW: November 15, new energy subsidies will be early retirement in 2018 rumors, triggering a collective setback of new energy vehicles segment, lithium battery plate, bus plate, the car plate has been hit hard, the history of several lithium battery blocks Adjustment, have become a perfect opportunity to buy the bargain. This chance will become a gold pit?

November 15, subsidies for new energy vehicles will retire early in 2018 rumors slope, triggering a new energy vehicle sector collective tumbled, lithium plate, passenger area, the auto sector has been hit hard, long Park Group, Salt Lake shares, intelligent leader , Golden Dragon Motors and other stocks have dropped limit, Yutong Bus, Xu Sheng shares fell nearly 7%, BYD, Shanshangufen, Dow technology, when more than 20 shares rose more than 5% of technology stocks, Fulin Seiko, Baolong Technology, Weichai Power, Guanghui Automobile Dengjun lower.

The history of several lithium battery plate adjustment, have become a perfect opportunity to bargain-hunting. This chance will become a gold pit?

It is understood that on December 30, 2016, the new subsidy standard for power battery was introduced. In the previous increase of mileage, mandatory targets contained mass energy consumption per unit basis, the new coefficient included in the subsidy system requirements for the energy density, the bus system energy density of not less than 85Wh / kg, passenger cars not less than 90Wh / kg. And subsidies to further slope down. The subsidy amount is linked with the battery capacity. The pure electric bus exceeding 10 meters in the depot can get a subsidy of up to 300,000 yuan each. The subsidy of the local government shall not exceed 50% of the central subsidy.

The news of subsidies fell sharply on the midstream lithium battery companies also brought no small impact. Industry sources said that in early 2017, the new energy passenger car market has emerged signs of excess, thus affecting the power battery low excess capacity, lack of high-end products, the subsidy policy adjustment just as excess market a slight change, Lithium battery plate also has the appropriate adjustment.

Today, China's new energy vehicles battery industry has entered a period of rapid development, many leading companies in the core technology of power batteries have a greater breakthrough, with a strong international market competitiveness. From the production capacity and sales point of view, China's lithium battery sales account for more than half of the world, more importantly, according to the current development rate of lithium battery industry in terms of China's share of the world will continue to rise.

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