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The Difference Between Solar Street Lamp Lithium Battery And Lead Acid Battery
Jan 02, 2018

With  vigorous promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection, a number of work to carry out the political, more and more energy-saving equipment has been applied to the market. Today, in the battery market, lithium battery by virtue of energy-saving environmental protection, long life, charge and discharge complete, no memory, high and low temperature characteristics quickly swept the market. Lithium battery can be divided into energy and power type, and then the Xin Power Small series to everyone that is stored energy lithium battery.

At present, I have been installed in most areas of solar street lights, and solar street lamps are mostly used lithium batteries, but also a small part of the use of lead-acid batteries. For the difference between the two, some consumers are not very understanding, here I publish a little of their understanding of both batteries, we can refer to.

It's no doubt that lithium-ion batteries are superior to lead-acid batteries in terms of performance. The most common is the lithium iron phosphate battery, the battery is not like a lead-acid battery memory effect, after 1600 times after charging, the storage capacity of the battery can still reach 85%, compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries with light, larger than the capacity, Long service life and other advantages.

The electrode of lead acid battery is mainly made of lead and oxide, and the electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution. In the charge state of lead-acid battery, the main component of cathode is lead dioxide, the main component of anode is lead, and the main component of positive and negative electrode is lead sulfate. Because of the memory effect of the lead-acid battery, the storage capacity of the battery is greatly reduced when it overlaps more than 500 times.

Both batteries are energy-storage devices, but not all of them. Lead-acid batteries are safer and cheaper, but the energy density is relatively low, so the volume is larger. But in terms of solar street lamp use, unless part of extreme cold (-20 ℃ below), the general lithium battery design is plug-in, and lead-acid batteries buried underground compared to the maintenance of convenient relatively convenient, and the use of long life cycle, even more without maintenance.

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