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The Electric Bike Difference Between Europ And China
Dec 04, 2017

Electric bicycles in China is developing fast, today's streets, everywhere full of electric bicycles. Chinese electric bicycles can be said, the momentum is getting better and more fashionable appearance. What does electric bikes look like in Europe?

In Europe, there is a provision that as long as the maximum speed of electric bicycles is not more than 20 mph (about 32 km/h), the speed of the motor is only the power source, then you do not need a driver's license, if more than, you need to register, to get the relevant license, similar to the domestic motorcycle driver's license. Of course, although the domestic electric bicycles are related to speed limits, the maximum speed can not exceed 20 km/h, but many manufacturers of electric bicycles are more than that limit, 36V electric bicycle can be 30 km/hour, 48V is 50 km/h. Domestic electric bicycle Sales shop likes to use one of the mantra, we have strong power, on this point, Europe's electric bicycle is not true.

Do you know what it's like to be a European electric bike? Europe's electric bikes are actually the appearance of bicycles, the difference is that they installed auxiliary power system, this kind of bicycle should actually be called electric bicycle. His use of the way with the domestic common electric bicycle is different, is through the human pedal pedal, motor intervention, to provide auxiliary power, so that users feel effortless and easy. The Power auxiliary system technology is very difficult, this system is the control core of the whole bicycle, its principle basically is, uses the torque sensor to examine the manpower output torque, through this torque size, adjusts the motor output torque. The output torque of the motor is directly proportional to the human output torque, thus satisfying the power support under different use environments, such as flat level, uphill, downhill and acceleration. At present, the system well-known manufacturers are DR, Yamaha. Of course, with the continuous development, now excellent electric bicycle in addition to the powerful torque sensor, but also increased speed sensor, step-frequency sensor, so that its power-assisted system more in line with user needs.

Due to human intervention, electric bicycle life in 50km to 100km, its labor-saving, plus the advantages of fitness can be appropriate, has been the favorite European people. That the domestic even pedal has no electric bicycle, this is not more labor-saving convenience? Is this just because the domestic dislike of fitness? European electric bicycles, why is it so rare in China?

On the one hand, related to the user's needs, at the beginning of the speed, domestic people like to pursue fast, in addition there is this electric bicycle compared to domestic electric bicycles, can carry things less, many people will give up, such as the sale of small brother, how can choose this electric bicycle, both the need for their own hard, and not put out of the box. In addition, in the domestic electric bicycle start stage, as the electric bicycle technology is more difficult than the domestic common electric bicycle, its main difficulty is the auxiliary power system, domestic manufacturers have not been able to do, so the domestic manufacturers directly chose similar throttle control mode, direct rotation gear to control motor output, greatly reducing the technical difficulty. Finally, the price, electric bicycle cost is higher than the domestic common electric bicycles, 2014 years in price of more than 2000 U.S. dollars, now the price is lower, but also get more than $1000, its main cost in the power-assisted system. A good power-assisted system that basically costs around $1000.


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