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The Weather Is Cold, Battery Is Not Durable, The Electric Car Is Not Far Away Very Normal, How To Do?
Jan 15, 2018

One, the day is cold, the electric car ran not before far is normal phenomenon, the nominal capacity of lead-acid battery is determined by the capacity of ambient temperature of 25 ℃, the capacity of battery will change with the change of ambient temperature, the energy of battery storage is directly proportional to the ambient temperature, the higher the ambient temperature is, the lower the capacity of ambient temperature is. 15 degrees Celsius, the battery charge and storage capacity is only the normal ambient temperature of two-thirds or lower, the weather is cold, electric cars can not help, riding electric cars not far away, are very normal phenomenon. When the day warms, the battery can return to normal state.

Second, when the battery is reduced to about 60% of the time can be charged, this is because the battery process is also the process of battery vulcanization, when the battery vulcanization seriously to a certain extent means that the life, if a person usually like to use the remaining 10% of the time to start charging, indicating that the battery 90% Part is used and is involved in the vulcanization process, while the opposite one usually uses the remaining 70% of the charge to start charging, indicating that his battery only 30% to participate in vulcanization, the rest is still a new state, so the cycle down, naturally much longer.

Third, do not overload, maintain low speed and uniform driving habits, the so-called low speed is to keep under 25 kilometers per hour, because the high speed requires more power to support, you can imagine how intense the reaction inside the battery, and uniform is very important, fast start and brake will make the battery voltage fluctuations, thus affecting the life , so as far as possible to ease the brake, protect the battery.

Four, do not use the charger, this is also very important. Especially the streets which are fast-charged, although it can be in a short period of time to allow the battery to charge a lot of electricity, but under this high pressure your battery is often painful, the impact on the life is very large, when using the charger at home, please connect the body, and then connect the 220V power supply, when the green light is not completely full can also float 1-2 hours to pull, after the use of the first disconnect 220V power plug, and then disconnect the body plug to protect the battery, the above are usually easy to do, usually more attention, you can extend the battery life.

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