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What Are The Benefits Of A Lithium-ion Battery For Electric Scooter?
Nov 30, 2017

The increasing development of lithium battery will become a bright spot of new energy development in the future, and more and more lithium batteries are accepted by consumers. Is it really that good?

Now on the road, stores, most of the sales or lead-acid batteries of electric cars, but there are many places to start the introduction of new energy lithium battery electric vehicles, lithium batteries is the original lead-acid batteries from lithium batteries to replace, then compared with lead-acid batteries, electric vehicles lithium batteries good or bad? Does it really have the dealer say so vivid?

Nowadays, the world vigorously advocates new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, green, really can spread, and so on a series of questions have not been answered.

For lithium batteries, everyone's opinion is: lithium battery light weight, long life, but the price is high, but this is only a small part, below we look at the advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries!

The advantages of lithium battery electric vehicle:

Lithium battery electric Vehicle brand diversification, the Czech Republic, Kay Ride and so on, lithium battery electric vehicle dynamic performance at this stage do not have to = worse than lead acid, or even better than lead-acid batteries, charging time is also less than the same capacity of lead-acid time, the weight of only the same lead-acid battery of about one-fifth, the biggest advantage of lithium batteries is said that the price of lithium battery is only to see the surface, actually calculate down and lead-acid battery is really comparable, the current lithium battery warranty two years and lead acid warranty for one year!

Lithium battery storage loss is small:

People who have been storing lead-acid batteries for a long time will know that when a good battery is not used for more than one months, battery performance will be greatly reduced, no matter how you recharge, is no use, but lithium battery is not so , lithium battery storage charge to 80% of the electricity, long-term storage will not have a large life or performance attenuation!

Lithium battery easy to repair:

The lithium-ion lithium battery is made up of dozens of to hundreds of small monomer, the use of individual damaged batteries and easy to repair, as long as the damaged monomer removed and then into the same new battery can be, maintenance prices are ultra-low.

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