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Why Are The Lithium Batteries Of Electric Cars Not Replaced By Graphene Batteries?
Mar 07, 2018

At present, in the world, new energy vehicles have become the general trend, the world's policies are strongly supported, and many countries have even developed a traditional fuel vehicle to retire the timetable, it can be said that in the next period of time, new energy vehicles or will replace the traditional fuel vehicles. Among the new energy vehicles, countries in particular to develop pure electric vehicles as the main direction.

In electric vehicles, the three-power system is the core, and the battery is the core of the nucleus, the battery as the power of energy and the source of electric power, plays a very important role. At present, electric cars mainstream batteries are lithium batteries, this kind of battery energy density moderate, but also more mature, manufacturing costs are also more advantageous. But lithium-ion batteries also have very deadly weaknesses, such as poor safety and easy triggering of fires;

Moreover, the internal impedance of lithium-ion batteries is high. Because the electrolyte of lithium-ion battery is organic solvent, its conductivity is much lower than that of Ni-cd battery and Ni-MH battery, so the internal impedance of lithium-ion battery is about 11 times times larger than Ni-Cd and Ni-MH battery. The impedance of a single cell with a diameter of 18mm and a long 50mm is about 90mω.

In addition, the working voltage of lithium battery varies greatly. For example, when the battery discharge to the rated capacity of 80%, Ni-CD battery voltage changes are very small (about 20%), lithium-ion battery voltage changes larger (about 40%). This is a serious disadvantage for battery-powered equipment, but it is easy to detect the remaining power of the battery because of the large variation in the discharge voltage of the lithium ion battery.

The graphene battery is a new energy battery developed by using the characteristic of lithium ion to rapidly shuttle the surface between the graphene and the electrodes. Graphene is not a new concept, domestic and foreign experts and scholars for many years, although there are some exciting experimental phenomena and results, but also only in the laboratory of the theoretical inquiry stage, its manufacturing process, application efficiency and so on. As a result, graphene batteries are not yet able to meet the mass production conditions, so the lithium battery cannot be replaced for the time being


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