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Why Can't The Electric Car Run Far? See If The Battery Has The Following Eight Cases
Jan 24, 2018

The motor vehicle's endurance problem, people first suspect is not the battery? Why can't the electric car go far? See if the battery has the following

1, the electrical power of the motor, such as demagnetization, and motor and controller matching is not high, inferior motor, refurbished motor and so will lead to battery charge is not durable, people mistakenly think that the battery has problems.

2, the battery charge when the fever is serious, even the shell is very hot. This is because the anode is severely softened, the active material falls off, the internal resistance is increased, the impurity elements in the plate are continuously dissolved, so that when the gas rate is increased, the calorific value increases. Such a battery can only be scrapped!

3, electric vehicle start-up and uphill, if there is pedal as far as possible with the pedal to help, no pedal on the slow and evenly accelerated, do not suddenly twist to the end, otherwise it will be due to large current discharge resulting in increased power consumption, there may be "pull" battery.

4, overloading, long-term overload climbing, overpressure, excessive current, high temperature and other causes of poor heat dissipation can easily lead to damage to the controller, and thus affect the battery mileage and service life.

5, the battery long-term use of large current rapid charge will cause drum kit, such batteries not only get three packs of services, also can not continue to use, only scrap for new batteries.

6, days cold to charge the electric car, it is recommended not to charge outside. When charging the electric car, when the charger turns the lamp, can float for 1-2 hours, pay attention to charge time not too long, too long time will also cause damage to the battery.

7, for the quality of electric vehicles, tire pressure to maintain the most reasonable 310-380kpa. In the case of insufficient tire pressure, the electric vehicle will bring more friction resistance to the electric motor.

8, the market most of the rapid charging station using High-voltage high current pulse charging, large current charging will cause damage to the battery. Always pay attention to electric cars and recharge them in time.

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